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Data Destruction Services

We Destroy Data From Following Devices
Why Would You Need Completely Destroy Data from Your Media?


We would be happy to perform data destruction service when you bring your media to our shop.

  • On-Site Data Destruction Service is $60 flat fee.

We would be happy to send one of our expert technicians to your home or office for media pick-up if you do not know how to take it out from your PC, server, or any other electronic equipment that has faulty media in.

  • Pick-up Service is $40 flat fee and Data Destruction Service is $60.

Our knowledge in hard drive and solid state data recovery engineering will insure your data is not coming back. Rendering the media devise cleaned or physically destroyed keeps you safe and secure which is our number one priority.

What are you waiting for? Simply complete the Contact Form and you'll receive a quote shortly thereafter. Do not forget to mention type and size of your media, and briefly describe what is wrong with it.