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Does Your Hosting Server Have cPanel?

cPanel is the latest linux based hosting servers administrative tool which allows hosting customers to manage all website and email needs.

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We would be happy to send one of our expert technicians to your home or office for on-site service. Our technicians can perform a variety of services, ranging from our basic computer repair services, wireless networking, printer setup, and file sharing. Unlike other tech support services, we don't charge any kind of travel fee, and there's only a one hour minimum. We usually give an estimate after seeing the whole scenario of work to be performed. Call Us to Schedule an appointment – (818) 940-1235

  • At Home service is "per hour" charge, unless we give you an estimate. Discounts for senior citizens are available.
  • You save $$ if you bring your equipment to us. You have to schedule an appointment if you wish to bring your equipment to our repair shop.
    Call to Schedule an appointment – (818) 940-1235

We charge a diagnostic fee of $50 per computer – that allows us to properly inspect the issue described, determine the problem, and estimate the cost & time to repair. If you approve our estimate, we'll be happy to credit the diagnostic fee towards the service.

Street Address: 16847 Hiawatha St. Granada Hills, CA 91344
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday | 10:00am – 5:30pm |
Weekends by scheduling in advance.
Call Us to Schedule an appointment – (818) 940-1235

If your computer is working, and it is connected to the internet, we can remotely login to your PC and troubleshoot the problem with your software. There are many remote support software these days such as: LogmeIn, GotoMyPC, TeamViewer, Widows Built-in Remote Assistance, Skype, etc... Call Us to Schedule an appointment – (818) 940-1235

  • Remote Support service is "per hour" charge.


Most our customers know us by recognizing "If your computer is dead, call Vitals Web!".

We are knowledgeable on all the current strains that can be contracted today and we know how to best care for your network needs. We may also be able to get you better networking equipment than your ISP provides you with.

Once you get your networking fixed, you may feel a slight sensation of elation as your networking is cured. This is a common side effect for all of our clients. If you feel any relief, reduced stress, grinning ear to ear, and genuine satisfaction you should not be alarmed as these are known side effects of the entire Vitals Web experience.

Contact us to schedule an on-site appointment with our skilled technician today. We'll diagnose and repair your networking issues and we promise we won't keep you stuck waiting for ages.